The Black Council

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David; 29 January 1997

Hi Cyril,

What were the names (and kinds) of your characters in Kevin's campaign. John and I got to talking about the stuff we did over christmas, and I've started compiling various stories for a laugh.

What was the name of the city from which we had just come from prior to the Tower of the Roc? If memory serves Cyril's thief went and did some thieving for the local Thieves Guild which he wished to join. His membership initiation was to perform a theft anf give the proceeds to the Guild. He entered as building and encountered Farcad on a bed with some women. Cyril's thief snuck and put a dagger in his ass and then stole his property. This was our first contact with Farcad. He was probably 5th or 6th level at this time as we were in the range of 3rd - 4th. Farcad I assume found out who had robbed him and had sent some of his men to follow us. Regards, etc...

Cyril; 30 January 1997

Musan was the mage/thief, Cicero was the Mage John (the scumbag) murdered and the hero was Strum the Bard in Training.