The Muse, 17 Sep 1982
Arthgar is the campaign world in which I played D&D from September 19, 1982 through to 1989 (or so), though more time was spent at the table in the first 18 months than all the subsequent years. The the group started playing together at the Creative Gaming Society, a gamer's club that used to exist at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The initial playing schedule was three times a week, Sunday afternoons from 3 till 6 or 7, and two nights a week, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays (I think). Fortunately, being 17 years old and in first year university didn't make any of us overly concerned about acedemic performance (and it showed). During the first session there were about 10 or 11 different players, which quickly fractured into two groups.

This web page is the collected comments by various group members on the campaign and its events, remembered some 15 years later. I have edited some of the message text attributed to the others to avoid stringing together rambling e-mail threads of clarification. This page is definitely a work in progress.

The Players and Characters

Kevin Brown: DM
David Janes: Glimar, Cedar, Kalib Hastur, Elric
John McDonald: Karish, Daemon
Cyril Mullins: Musan, Ciecero, Strum, Ziltch
Steve Hart: Sundry Moribunds

The Stories

Campaign chronology
Early adventures
Later adventures
How to browbeat a DM into submission
The Black Council
Random acts of evil
Random acts of lunacy


Here's some photos of the group.



The e-mails comprising this recollection were put together in the Winter and Spring of 1997. These HTML pages were made in late 1998. Today is the 12th of August, 2002 and I have revised some of the formatting on these documents and attempted to make some of the links work correctly.

As best I can figure, our first game together as a group -- that is, Kevin, John, Steve, and myself (David) -- was the 19th of September, 1982. Cyril joined the next week (or maybe the week after that) on the 25th of September. Steve went with the "other group", so it was just the four of us for the first few months of playing.

So ... there's a twentieth anniversary coming up soon.

Cyril; September 19, 2002

I suspect my joining would have been a few weeks later than that. It was early enough in the fall that the days were still warm (I recall carrying my jacket and not wearing it) and Kevin was on a work term somewhere near Freshwater Road. I met him at Capital Hobbies while he was on lunch.

I happened to be cruising hobby stores looking for gamers just after getting out of the military. It had been a few weeks since my last gaming session and I needed a dice rolling fix!

Steve; September 23, 2002

Here's some information : the people in my group were Craig Tucker, Craig Penney, Paul Roberts (blond, sunglasses, engineering student), Greg Dyke (Abdul) for a while, Richie Wells on a few occasions. I'll be in Nfld for Thanksgiving, so I'll try to get some pictures and scan them. I know I have a picture of Cyril in the TSC from 1982 and one of Craig Penney there climbing up a wall in the TSC gym or something. [update: they are here]