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The campaign we played from 1982 through '89 can essentially be divided into four phases.

The first phase was the early days, leading from the Chagmat Dungeon through to defeating Fashor the Black and killing his son. We have extensive notes from this period, and quite frankly, this was the period when we were having the most fun.

The second phase consisted of the invasion of Arthgar by the Northern Barbarians, and a series of actions to stop the Black Council from summoning the god Kas back to the Prime Material plane.

The third phase consisted of "armies", where John and Cyril controlled various countries inside Arthgar. The core characters of the campaign were (I believe) only peripherally involved in this, if at all, and I did not play at all. The rules for this were home grown.

The final phase consisted of Glimar and Karesh building The Tower and trying to wrest control of Arthgar from the Black Council. In this final phase we were joined by new characters played by Cyril, Steve Hart and Joe Healy. My Cedar character dropped out because the party had become too evil for him and John's Daemon was up to running his own country. At the end, the campaign was so magic intensive that there really wan't any point in non-MUs being involved in most activities.

First Phase - Chagmat through Fashor

See the section Early Days for more detailed notes about this time. For reference purposes, we were playing at the Health Sciences Center cafeteria in December, 1982 when we defeated Fashor. Normally we played in either the Orange Room or the Thompson Student Centre (TSC) cafeteria, depending on what had been booked. The HSC had marginally better "food".

Here is a summary of events that happened in the first three months of game play. Missing from this list is the adventure with the Spiders in the great forest. I assume that this happened after Aracus' Tower, but I'm not sure when.

Second Phase - Thwarting the Black Council

There should be stories here about how we stopped Kas from returning.

6. To the Isle of Arilan Battle at Harbour Front Into the Forest The Burning of the Barracks The Knight's Attack Into the Pyramid The Gorgons Await The Mirror Breaks

Third Phase - Armies

Fourth Phase - The Tower


John October 22?, 1997

The epic battle between Daemon and the barbarian with the sword which slays magic users forever, on the ice bridge between both armies, I had him down to the single digits of HP's when he won initiative and killed me. One of the few times Daemon died.

David; October 23, 1997

What was the name of the Barbarian from the North that Daemon fought on the Bridge?

Cyril; October 23, 1997

Was it Ragnar, that rings a bell. You know how Kevin was right it the Norse Mythos at that time. Didn't John say that Daemon bit the big one. He deserved it too, the Cyril MU murdering hairy stump thumper.

John; October 23, 1997

We really need to get a hold of Kevins notes etc so that we can put together a proper campaign chronology with side notes, etc.

David; October 23, 1997

This information is from a phone conversation I had with Kevin on 23 Oct 97.


These are a few notes I had made in one of my books, made in 1988.


June 18, _4248_ 4.A (_6_) 5.A.)
[ I assume that this is Fourth Age and Fifth Age ]

Somebody is impersonating Karish and Daemon and blasting up various towns, etc. After a journey into the Great Forest, we got enough info from some _Phanx Spiders_ to scry on who was doing it --- some fighter/MU type dude under the pay of _Demoras_ and the _Barokian Council_. We found out that he was going to do the same trick in _Daros_, so we went there and cut him off, but didn't kill him.

Meanwhile, at the end of that battle Karish and your humble narrator got a Message from our tower that we were being attacked by that stupid Druid [not Cedar!]. We teleported back, Karish cast a Fly spell on me, and I went and fought him on his Chariot of Sunstar. A Chaos spell got him, along with a fighter; and later a Blindness spell, and his own Feeblemind (via a Ring of Spell Turning) [god love ya for all the Magic Items, Kevin]. Cleric used Word of Recall to save himself and the Druid, and left behind the two fighters, one who fell off, the other we hacked.

--- Cleric is from _Gelport_ --- Druid is from _Namacar_ and they are apparently unhappy with us

I remain, Glimar Glandolin


June 28, 6 F.A.

Karish and I have decided to attack the Barokian Council, soliciting some help from the others in the party. _Ziltch_ [Cyril's character?] had to charge some items, so I went down to Phanx in the tower and scyred on various enemies. The Druid is probably not going to try a solo attack (and is going to ask the Great Druid for assistance!), the clerics of Gelport are asking some Paladins for help --- ha! good luck. Meanwhile, the Barokian Council are running away to their summer cabin (actually, a fortress) down by _Turasak_. We are going to follow them down and give them a welcoming committee.

( July 4, 6 FA )
We used the mirror system to get to Phanx, where we continue via Carpet south. We met up with raiders and followed them into a mountain pass where we were attacked by a Cleric, a MU and the raiders. The MU ran away and we killed the rest (getting the cleric with a Power Word, Stun).

( July 10, 6 FA )
Interlude with Clone.
Karish's clone came into existance, so we teleported up to _Balanor's_ chamber where we waited for a week. Karish's clone committed suicide -- end of his story.

( July 12, 6 FA )
Back down south, we go into that place where the MU (who is an Illusionist_) hid. We blasted the door and went in. Ziltch was last and a theif attacked him, but Z dispatched him with little trouble. We were attacked by Fire Giants inside, whom we hacked up. We used Emotion (Hopelessness) to take one prisoner, and found out about the place. I scryed on the MU and he knew we were coming. He had a similar scyring device and used it on us [ the nerve ] stopping us from finding out more info. Anyway, to make a long story short, we blasted them (58 giants, 3 MU-illusionists) A room sucked up Karish's Amulet of Cold when he went after a few more MUs.

( Aug 8 )
Went to silly place with 4 keys. John lost his vorporal axe.

( Aug 8 )
Discovered Joe's spies.


[ A bunch of incoherent notes. The date "may 15/88" is written next to one of my sketches ]


Timeline: GLIMAR

Real Start End jul 1/88 1 jun/7 6 jun defeat Dispater/meet Druid

Timeline: ARBLA

Real Start End jul 26/88 jun 19/7 jun 15 raided MU's camp; MU defeats us