How to browbeat a DM into submission

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Cyril; October 23, 1997

... Didn't John say that Daemon bit the big one? He deserved it too, the Cyril MU murdering hairy stump thumper.

David; October 23, 1997

Gee, I don't recall how this happened :-) John, why don't you tell the story again "for the record". I'm sure there's some sort of misunderstanding.

John; October 23, 1997

Sorry that was all a BIG BIG mistake. When Karish broke the Trap the Soul Gem we had no intention of hurting Musan. Dave, didn't Musan slip when he came back and Daemon, trying to miss him as he stumbled forward, couldn't help but roll the 19 which cut the head form Musan. Remember Dave we were musing afterward that it was as if Musan threw his neck across the Vorpal Axe. It was a slow motion event that everyone just stares at but no one has the power to stop. We were all taken aback and Musan was taken ahead.

Cyril; October 23, 1997

The murdered MU's name was Cicero and the evidence Kevin Supplied was imcomplete and largelt in error. I.E. He was murdered for nothing other than overactive paranoia for imagined causes.

David; October 23, 1997


Seriously though, if you get the chance, type in your account of this story so I can add it to the archives.

John, October 24, 1997

Here goes.

Ciecero had done something to piss off Karish. I think it simply had to with Hurlee and the Horse Clans.

Karisk with consultation with Gilmar decided to, at first, simply do something to annoy Ciecero. With that thought in mind he decided to summon an aerial servant and sent it to Ciecero and take his magic staff. What the Staff did I do not remember and it couldn't have been much but Ciecero was attached to it.

The aerial servant went to Hurlee and did the job well returning with the Staff. Of course Ciecero was pissed and vowed in the form of Cyril to have vengeance.

It was a week or so later that Karish and Glimar were outside. Where I don't remember when a huge Earth Elemental burst through the ground surprized us, grabbed the mighty Staff of Kings and disappeared back into the ground. Karish yelled aloud ( to the Dm and after checking the Summon Elemental spell) that the summoner must be within a 16 radius to control the Earth Elemental. Glimar whipped out the Gem of True Seeing and began to quickly scan the area while Karish looks around with his 805 plus chance to see invisible. The DM looked confused and stated that Ciecero was still in Hurlee. The Dm had failed to read the Summon Elemental spell and had listened to Cieceroon how the spell worked. Apparently Ciecero had summoned the Earth Elemental with no PFE in place which means the elemental would immediately attempt to slay Ciecero and take his soul back to his home elemental plane as a slave. The Dm advised that Ciecero had summoned the Earth Elemental and simply bargained with it to get the Staff of Kings. We BROW BEAT the DM into submission by legitimately and correctly insisting that the rules for the spells be followed by all parties. The DM did a time reversion and corrected the situation.

Karish created the PFE 1"" radius amulets because he didn't want Ciecero attempting the same thing to him again, and being a good buddy of Glimar he made one for him also.

karish was not impressed that Ciecero would have the audacity to attempt to steal from him and decided to put an end to him.

I used a scroll of Trap the Soul and placed it on the Staff from Cicero as the trigger with the Soul GEm back in THE TOWER. I then gave the Staff to a % level MU and sent him to challenge Ciecero in Hurlee. Ciecero summoned an Earth Elemental correctly this time and sent it to destroy the MU with the Staff, which deed was quickly accomplished. The Earth Elemental returned with the Staff and presented it to Cyril. My insidious plan worked perfectly as if the item is accepted voluntarily the subject receives no saving throw and their physical body becomes imprisoned in the Soul Gem. So ended the days of Ciecero.

Not wanting to risk Ciecero rescue by the destruction of the Soul Gem Karish and Glimar when to the Purple Mountain and visited Daemon. With credit to Ciecero powers we placed 60 of Daemons body guards outside the Room of Unsustainable Magic, Glimar, Daemon and I placed upon ourselves every imaginable magic protection and ward and then enter ed the Room of Unsustainable Magic.(Only magic in existence upon entering the room would work new magic could not be created - Cicero than could not cast spells) ( We played this in the old orange room standing by the bar in the back right hand corner.)

Karish threw the Soul Gem to the floor and Cicero materialized. Daemon swung the Vorpal Battle Axe ( as Cyril standing there say "Wait" but too late as the d20 had already left my hand and was tumbling along the alcohol stained bar top) the d20 ended on a 19 and off came the head of Cicero.

That's the story to the best of my recollection.