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These are the characters that were played by David Janes during the Arthgar campaign.


Glimar is my primary character, who I played on an off during the entire Arthgar campaign. He joined the group during our second session to replace the unfortunate Elric. He started the campaign at level 2 and when we finished playing he was level 12.


Name Glimar Glandolin
Class Illusionist
Race Human
Level 12
XP 85200
AC 2 +3 ring of protection; +2 cloak of power
HP 70 4, 2, 3, 4, 7, 4, 4, ?, ?, ?, ?

Other Attributes

The age is a guess, given that Glimar was 34 at level 8, and probably would have achieved that level fairly early on, probably before the end of the Third Age. Given that my notes say that Glimar was level 12 in 6 Fourth Age, he's probably 40 now.

Age 40
Height 5'11
Weight 165

Primary Characteristics

A number of these attributes, such as Intelligence, have been modified by various items Glimar is wearing (the Cloak of Power for one).

Strength 13
Dexterity 17 +2 Reaction; -3 Defensive; (+2 from cloak?)
Constitution 16 +2 HP
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14


This is one of the many spell lists I found among my character sheets. It looks pretty representive of what I liked to do though.



Defense Notes (Illusionist) -- How to Defend





Name Cedar
Class Druid
Race Human

Other Attributes


Primary Characteristics


[ PAGE 1 ]
[ This looks like something I just scribbled down to play a game session ]
[ COLUMN 1 ]
CEDAR: Druid Half-Elf

HP: 65
LE: 8
AC: 4
Boots of Sp.
+3 prot
Potion Gaseous
Staff Curing (d12) 30 charges

[ There is a pencil drawing of the Staff here ]
[ COLUMN 2 ]
1 o Invisibility to Animals
  o Entagle
  o Inv. to Animals
  o Faerie Fire
  o Faerie Fire
  o Shillelagh [ the last entries were in John's handwritting ]
2 o Cure
  o   "
  o   "
  o Heat Metal
  o Warp Wood
  o Charm
3 o Call Lightning [ crossed out ]
  o Summon Insects
  o Call [ crossed out ]
  o Neutralize Poison
4 o Dispell Magic
  o Cure Serious [ crossed out ]
  o   "       "

[ In the bottom corner, a mysterious enscription ]

[ PAGE 2 ]
[ This may be from a different period of time, since there are 5th level spells here ]
1 o Cure Light
  o  "      "
  o  "      "
  o Remove Fear
  o Command
  o Resist Cold
2 o Silence 15' Radius
  o Find Traps
  o Slow Poison
  o Speak With Animals
  o Hold Person
  o  "     "
3 o Cure Blindness
  o Cure Disease
  o Prayer
  o Remove Curse
4 o Neut Poison
  o Cure Serious
  o Cure Serious
  o Tounges
5 o Raise
  o Flame Strike [ crossed out ]

DRUID - level 8
(There is also a note here that my Druid has 68 HP.)
WIS - 18
DEX - 17
CON - 16

hp -
ac - 7 (dex)

spells - 1. 4 + 2 = 6
         2. 4 + 2 = 6
         3. 3 + 1 = 4
         4. 2 + 1 = 3

Kalib Hastur


Name Cedar
Class Druid
Race Human

Other Attributes


Primary Characteristics


Kalib Hastur (Thief) 1/2 elf Dex: 16 Str: 14 Int: 11 Wis: 14 Chr: 11 Con: 16 HP: 70 Level: 11 XP: 348 089 [?] AC: 2 Carries: Pack, 50ft rope, 5 spikes, thieves tools


This is my original character in Kevin's campaign. I believe he lasted all of one session, whereupon he was killed by the other group. As a historical curiosity, it was written on an old "Dungeons & Dragons (R) Character Record" sheet, Copyright 1977 - TSR Hobbies, Inc. It's an orange three-hole punch sheet loose-leaf. How it survived this long is quite a mystery. In the area where it asks for an (Sketch of Character Here), I've drawn a little stick man with a paper hat on his head.


Name Elric
Class Fighter/MU
Race Half-Elf
Level 3/2

Other Attributes


Primary Characteristics

Strength 15
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 15
Charisma 10

Player Name: David Janes
Character Name:

Class: Fighter/MU
Level: 3/2
Psionic Strength: 94 (P.H.? 188)
Attack-Defense Modes: 4/3

Hit Dice: 3/2
Hit Points: 16
Option Doors: 1-2
Armor Type: banded/lg shield
Weapon in Hand: long sword

Other Magic Items:
Wand w/ 20 ch's
Scroll (2 spells)

Spells-Thieif Ability%-Monk Abilities:
minor disciplines
cell adjustment - up to 10 hp
clairvoyance - 20"

Spells on Hand
(4) 1rst - prot. from evil - detect magic
         - feather fall    - find familiar

(1) 2nd  - stinking cloud

Gold -
80 g.p.

Experience -
Fighter 6000 xp
MU 3750 xp


Ring of Teleportation

Charges: 29

Teleports with no error, using 1 charge for every 500 miles travelled. Can definately take 2 people, but may be able to take more. Teleports only to places I know. History: Taken from Fashar in our first battle with him, where we killed his son Owned By: Illusionist

Staff of Displacement

Charges: 18 Will displace user 40 feet in any direction choosen. It uses spell gems for power and they are easily replaces. History: Taken from the top of the Pillar of the Roc Owned by: Illusionist

+3 Ring of Protection

History: Taken from Green Dragon's Lair Owned by: Illusionist

Cloak of Power (+2 protection)

Appears to most people to me a normal cloak, but to others who have been initiated, it appears to be a bright purple cloak. Once a week it will raise me 1-4 levels for 1-6 turns. Will also absorb 6 spell levels a day. History: Given to us by _Maddox_ + _Saddalas_ after we returned from _Arakus's_ tower. In order to use the powers of the cloak, the user must have been initiated (at great personal risk). Owned by: Maddox Glimar

Wand of Fireballs

Charges: 46 Does 6d6 Damage History: Taken from the Lair of the Green Dragon we killed on the way to Arakus's Tower. Owned by: Illusionist (Glimar)

Carpet of Flying

Moves: 24" Carries 8 people Owned by: Kalib

Sword of Sharpness (+1)

Hits +3 Creatures, cuts off limbs on 19,20. Owned by: Kalib

+2 Studded Armor

Owned by: Kalib

Ring of +3 Protection

Owned by: Theif

Amulet of Misdirection

Charges: Made by Glimar, it's purpose is to mislead those with detection type spells, esp. ones that detect lies and alignment. The amulet is charged by the Illusionist spell Misdirection. Owned by: Illusionist Glimar (who made it)

Amulet of Protection from Evil

Charges: Does a Protection from Evil, 10' radius, as per spell. History: Made for Glimar by Karish to protect against various nasties, including Aerial Servants. Owners: Karish Glimar Kalib

Cloak of Protection from Cold

Protects wearer from the cold and from all cold based spells. History: Probably made by the _Ice Druid_ or one of his servants. We took it during one of our adventures down there. Owner: ? Guards belong to the Druid Kalib

Ring of Spell Turning

Turns 0-100% of spells cast back at the caster. Saving throws for both opponents are at +1 for every 10% below 100% Owner: Glimar


By placing special jewels in it's 5 holders, the Crown gives special abilities to the wearer. There is a full chest of such jewels in the Tower. History: Karish took it from the Tower of the Minotar King (Sax) who owned it. Glimar died, but traded a Nightmare for it (?) (which Karish later lost onthe Ethereal plane) [ I guess this is the place where the two fire traps were. Can't leave my character for a second! ] Owner: Minotar King Karish Glimar Current Jewels - red - red - blue - black - black Jewel Abilities blue - protection from lightning black - 7d6 ray red - protoction from fire green - protection from illusion (1rst level) white - protection from evil; Sanctuary

Bracers of Defense (AC 3)

Owner: Karish Ziltch Glimar

Ring of Minor Globe

Negates all spells 3rd level and under cast at me. Owner: Karish Glimar

Magic User Scrolls

2x1 Magic Missile; Find Familiar (crossed out) 2x2 Stinking Cloud; ESP 2x3 Fly; Haste 1x4 Fire Shield 1x5 Cloud Kill

Potion of X-heal; Red Dragon Control

Magic User Scrolls

Hold Monster (6 MU) Tensor's Xform (5 MU) Monster Sum V (8 MU) Crushing Hand (9 MU) Prismatic Spray (7 Ill) Demi-shadow Magic (6 Ill) Summon Shadow (5 Ill)

Amulet of Proof Against Mind Attacks

History: Taken from the Ice Druid's minions Owner: Ice Druid (or minion) - made it Glimar

Crystal Ball

As per DMG, with ESP History: We got this from Maddox and Saddalas, trading a lot of magic items for it. _Musan_ owned it first, but was killed by Fashar and was inherited by Glimar.

Dagger of Spriggins

Description: A normal size dagger with two pictures on the hilt: a gnome, and a giant gnome. There is strange gnomish writing on it and magic detects the code word NAGGIROS. History: We found it among the belongings of some trolls we defeated. [ on May 3 year 6 Fifth Age ] Owner: Arbla