Later Adventures

[Arthgar Home]

These various stories come from the fourth phase of the campaign, in the 1986 through 1988 period.

John adds the following note to many of these stories: Here's a few polymorph stories ­ that were to Kevin's dissatisfaction.

Polymorph Self

John; November 13, 1988

Then the habit of Karish using polymorph other on various creatures to turn them into slugs, which he kept in a jar in his backpack. I had hill giants, fire giants, black trolls, hydras, a white dragon, a medusa and some other things. We were in a mess for a change fighting a bunch of bone devils for some reason. Them and those silly fishing hook weapons. What was Karish to do? Well throwing the jar of slugs in the middle of them, followed by a dispel magic and a quick exit did help. Although Glimar and I didn't wait around to see the results, I can just imagine the confusion in that room.

The Purple Dragon

There's a lot more to be said about the Purple Dragon, and I'll get it in here someday soon (I hope).

John; November 13, 1988

Then the failed attack on the Purple Dragon. Great plan but crappy cross bow men. We simply had to have the mounds of treasure that the Purple Dragon had. Karish turned a number of unwilling orcs (charmed) into rot grubs. These loyal servants were then attached to crossbow bolts anf fired at the Purple Dragon. One hit and he was dead meat with a rot grub borrowing its way to his heart. Damned if all the orcs missed before being engulfed by the Purple Dragon.

All was not lost as Rondo (a new monk character I had picked up---I could be wrong on this, may have been later - but the death of the Purple Dragon is correct) during the confusion ran in and attacked the Purple Dragon with a Dagger of Venom. Stab and then we forced Kevin to roll the save in front of us and wouldn't you know it he rolled a 1. Bye Bye purple Dragon.